Premier Mesh Security Fencing

Premier Mesh Security Fencing

Premier Mesh is the perfect choice where security is required but without an intimidating and oppressive appearance.

It is an adaptable, attractive close mesh fencing system and is particularly suitable for use in prestige locations where visual appeal is essential. The panel’s feature pressed V beams reinforced by 4mm vertical and a 6mm horizontal diameter wire across the full panel width for additional strength and rigidity.
The panels are fully welded with a standard mesh aperture of approximately 200*20*40mm making climbing difficult and mounted onto RHS posts with the JNC fixing system. Panels can multi-lift to various height combinations.
Finished with a polyester powder coating over a galvanised wire substrate a hard wearing and durable presentation and long life expectancy for the fence. Premier Mesh has been designed to be strong and resilient whilst providing a high degree of unobtrusive security with elegance. Medium to High security applications where appearance is vital.




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