Spectator Pitch Surround Sports Fencing

The JNC Spectator Pitch Surround for all field sports is truly in a league of its own, the range can be broken down into three main categories depending on application required. 

With a typical height of 1.20 metre’s you can choose from standard JNC Doublebeam panel (8/6/8 or 6/5/6), JNC Full Rebound Panel (recommended) or select from our standard range of JNC Resista/Premier/Supreme (3.0m wide). If your sport is hockey a kicker/rebound board can be installed under the panel to enhance the lifetime of your fence. Add the top rail and you have a fence that is safe, practical and secure and will serve you club’s purpose for years to come. We can offer you the option of powdercoating in your club colours and a full gate range is available to match.

full rebound



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