Supreme Mesh Security Fencing

Supreme Mesh Security Fencing

Panel Width 2.5m

JNC Supreme provides the ideal choice when a visually attractive, yet substantial fencing material is required. Wherever extreme security is a priority, this system with its close mesh profile offers a cost effective solution.
This rigid, robust, V beamed, resistant barrier is manufactured from 5mm vertical and 5mm horizontal steel wire with a 200*25mm mesh aperture, resistance welded at each intersection, which is difficult to penetrate and scale due to strength of the wire and the panel mesh configuration, hence an effective deterrent to would-be intruders.
The panels are mounted onto RHS posts with the JNC  bracket fixing system or full clamp bar. Panels can multi-lift to various height combinations., the addition of barbed wire or barbed tape, on either vertical or cranked extensions provide the ultimate in maximum perimeter security.
Finished with a polyester coating over a galvanised substrate giving a hard wearing and durable presentation for long life expectancy. High security where strength and appearance is required.

Panel Width 3.0m

JNC Supreme 653 is a versatile 3.00m wide V pressed beam panel fence, which significantly increases the rigidity of the panel, providing perimeter security with a subtle stylishness. Manufactured from 6mm horizontal and 5mm vertical thick galvanised steel wire, fully welded at each intersection with 200*25mm aperture, making it difficult to climb, whilst retaining an open mesh profile for enhanced visibility along fence line.
JNC 653 has a major advantage for installation as been 3.00m wide you save on concrete,posts,labour and time a huge plus factor. The panels are mounted on RHS posts with the JNC bracket fixing system or full clamp bar , easy and rapid installation of the panels is achieved. Panels can multi-lift to various height combinations.
Finished with a polyester powder coating over a galvanised wire substrate with profiled horizontal sections to the front of the panel, providing an attractive, robust and resilient barrier. Low to Medium security applications where appearance is an issue.




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